2013 Baseball Season Preview

After an entertaining and highly competitive 2012 postseason, Major League Baseball fans have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming year. As usual, a number of plotlines are already developing in the off-season, and the anticipation will be at a boiling point come April 2013. Here’s a peek ahead, including a look at some of the most popular teams and a few predictions.

The San Francisco Giants claimed baseball’s most coveted trophy for the second time in three seasons last October, besting a Detroit Tigers team that came into the World Series as a heavy favorite. The Giants are led by likable slugger Pablo Sandoval and versatile catcher Buster Posey. They will come into the 2013 season as defending champions, but they may not even be favored in their own division. The Los Angeles Dodgers have bulked up their roster once again, solidifying a pitching staff that looks like a list of All-Star Game entrants. Expect the Giants and Dodgers to do battle all season, and there is a very realistic possibility that both will make the playoffs.

The Boston Red Sox and Florida Marlins are two proud and accomplished franchises that are looking to rebound after they both made the mistake of hiring highly polarizing coaches; an experiment that went awry and was abandoned after only one year. The New York Yankees are perennial contenders in the AL East, but their roster is full of aging veterans that are in the twilight of their careers. This means that the AL East is wide open in 2013, and the Tampa Bay Rays may very well reestablish their spot atop the highly competitive division.

One team that will definitely have a say in the outcome of the 2013 standings is the Los Angeles Angels, who recently signed Josh Hamilton, the hottest and most coveted free-agent in all of the major leagues, exactly one year after they landed Albert Pujols when he was the most coveted free-agent going into the 2012 season. This means that the chips are officially anted to the center of the table in Southern California, and anything less than an appearance in the American League Championship Series will likely be certainly be considered a failure.

The Oakland Athletics almost never pop up on the radar of people predicting the playoff contenders during any given preseason, but they have continually shown the ability to get the absolute most out of every dollar they spend, and their epic run to the postseason 2012 raised the eyebrows of many fans across the nation. They will come into the 2013 season with a very similar roster and similar aspirations of finding a way into the MLB postseason. No matter how things unfold, it is clear that the legendary league is chock-full of incredible talent, and the 2013 season a short highly entertaining. Expect the Dodgers and Angels to make a lot of noise.

Taylor Swift In Concert

The popular female artist, Taylor Swift from Nashville, Tennessee, is taking North America by storm for 2013. Her next upcoming event on March, 13, 2013, will be held in Omaha, Nebraska. The event is booked at the Century Link Center and is sure to be sold out. By getting Taylor Swift tickets early you can enjoy a great show and view the show from the best seats possible.

Taylor Swift although young is talented and refreshing. Her music appeals to audiences of all ages. She is a great role model for teenagers with her classy style of dress, smooth voice and charming performances. Her hit songs like, “We are never ever getting back together,” and “State of Grace”, have been burning up the Billboard charts since they first launched.

Taylor Swift tickets are sure to sell out quickly. They make a great gift for a loved one. She made history at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards when she beat boxed with hip hop legend, LL Cool J, showing fans that she is as down to earth as the girl next door. Next year, her live performances will have fans singing their hearts out to their favorite records.

Her website lists several events that are coming up in March 2013, the first being in Omaha, Nebraska. Then she is going to St. Louis, Missouri where her dedicated fans can get ready for her tour at the Scott Trade Center on March, 18th, 2013. Taylor Swift’s schedule is jam packed from March 2013 to September 2013 with her visiting cities like Los Angles, St. Paul, San Diego, Kansas City, Washington, Des Moines, Pittsburgh and many more.

Fans can expect the Red Tour to be a concert that will make you mesmerized by Taylor’s music and her new album. Taylor Swift tickets are selling out across the country as millions of fans rush to get the best seats. Taylor Swift is one of most successful and talented female artists of her time. Her tour will be high energy and packed with entertainment from the start to the finish. Swift is known for always giving fans a performance that they can look forward to. She is said to be teaming up with the young entertainer from Britain Ed Sheeran for every one of the promised events listed on her website.

Fans, be sure to purchase your tickets early and take advantage of the VIP package where you can get all kinds of great goodies.

Justin Bieber’s Believe Tour Likely His Best Yet

Justin Bieber is likely on the verge of selling out yet another concert tour in 2013. The “Baby” singer’s Believe Tour is gearing up for a string of concert dates set to take place all over the world – across Europe, Africa and Asia. Additionally, his stateside fans can pick up Justin Bieber tickets for 30 newly scheduled shows.

These last-minute additions to the touring schedule were meant to satisfy the huge demand his fans have shown, and it doesn’t look as if tickets will last long once they go on sale December 14 and 21.

This will be the third tour for the Biebs in as many years, but this time he’ll be visiting his international fans in many new places. Many of his fans in Canada and America have purchased Justin Bieber tickets in the past, but the Believe Tour is set to feature his most all-out, spectacular shows.

Justin Bieber has never been more popular, and his fan base has been steadily growing since becoming a YouTube sensation early in his career. Indeed, his initial online popularity was a turning point for the pop star, who was subsequently discovered by manager Scooter Braun and went on to incite a bidding war between Justin Timberlake and Usher.

Justin eventually signed with Usher’s label, only to become one of the most successful young pop acts of his time. The singer’s YouTube videos have garnered more than 3 billion views, making him the most popular music act on the site. He is also the second most popular person on Twitter, with less followers than only Lady Gaga.

When the Believe Tour kicks off June 22, fans at the Valley View Casino Center are in for a treat. Justin will go on to perform in 28 more American cities – including Denver, Oklahoma City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Jacksonville and Brooklyn – before wrapping up the American leg of the tour in Atlanta, Georgia’s Philips Arena.

Tickets to select venues will be available for purchase on December 14, and tickets for all others will be made available on December 21. In all likelihood, Justin Bieber tickets will sell out quickly.

Bon Jovi Begins an Exciting Nationwide Tour in February

Bon Jovi is a band known for its inspiring yet hard-hitting rock music, as well as for its electric stage performance. The band was formed in 1983 by Jon Bon Jovi, the renowned singer, and, throughout the years, the group has never ceased to entertain and captivate its fans. Bon Jovi is known as a band that creates exciting, catchy rock songs that are both inspiring and invigorating. The group’s music blends the sounds of rock, country and pop music to create something that is unique, exhilarating and endearing.

In early 2013, Bon Jovi is set to release their twelfth studio album, which will be called “What About Now.” Already, fans are clamoring to hear new music from their favorite band. Undoubtedly, the album will display the band’s signature music. However, since Bon Jovi is a group that is constantly evolving, new sounds and surprises are also sure to be found in the new songs.

To promote their new album, the band will head out on a massive nation-wide tour, starting in February. The tour will begin in Connecticut before ending in California in April. As always, this tour promises to bring out the best of the band, celebrating both the new tunes from “What About Now” and other recent albums as well as older fan favorite songs. Due to the band’s amazing popularity and huge fan base, Bon Jovi tickets are sure to be one of the hottest and most sought-after items in 2013. No true fan of the group will want to miss this tour. Those who are interested in Bon Jovi tickets should not hesitate, lest they miss seeing one of the most influential and legendary bands around today.

The Book of Mormon: A Critical and Financial Success Story

Everyone knew the Broadway musicals were fading in popularity. It’s a good thing no one told Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Robert Lopez. Their breakaway hit musical, The Book of Mormon has been a critical, popular and financial success since it opened on Broadway in March of 2011, winning awards, packing houses and commanding top ticket prices ever since.

The Book of Mormon was nominated for 14 Tony Awards and won nine, including Best Musical. That puts it behind only two other plays for most Tony nominations and near the top of the list for most wins. It was also nominated for 12 Drama Desk Awards, winning five. The Original Cast Recording was nominated for, and won, a Grammy for Best Musical Theater Album. The cast album was the first musical soundtrack in over 40 years to make Billboard’s Top 10 Album charts, which it did the week after its Tony wins. Reviews have been almost universally positive, with most praising the show’s catchy score, profane lyrics and sharp sense of humor.

The show isn’t just a critical success, however. It has been selling at over 100 percent capacity all year. The average price for Book of Mormon tickets has risen steadily from $156.99 at the end of December 2011 to $205.86 at the end of November 2012. The highest ticket price for the show is $477.00, which is the going rate for high demand seats. The show has made over $126 million so far — well over its original budget of 9 million dollars — thanks in part to its pricing model. Ticket pricing for the show uses a dynamic model, adjusting prices to reflect demand so that as the number of seats available for a performance decrease, prices for those seats increase. For this reason, purchasing The Book of Mormon tickets well in advance is likely to result in the best prices.

In addition to the Broadway production at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre, new productions are scheduled to open in 2013. This includes a London production at the Prince of Wales Theatre and a Chicago production at the Bank of America Theatre, which will become the second national tour once its Chicago run is completed. The first U.S. tour began in Denver in August of 2012 and continued on to Los Angeles. It is slated to hit San Francisco at the end of 2012, then move on to Seattle, Detroit, Boston and Washington, D.C., among other cities, in 2013.

The Upstart Contenders of the 2012-2013 NBA Season

The NBA season is in full swing, and it promises to be incredibly entertaining for several reasons. The established contenders of the last few years, such as the Miami Heat, the Boston Celtics, the San Antonio Spurs, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Oklahoma City Thunder, all remain contenders this year. However, there are three up and coming teams that look to pose a serious challenge this year.

The Los Angeles Clippers
The play of point guard Chris Paul and power forward Blake Griffin made the Clippers into one of the most entertaining teams last year. The Clippers made several moves that added depth to their bench. Eric Bledsoe has blossomed into one of the best back up point guards in the league, which allows new acquisition Jamal Crawford to focus on what he does best: Score. Recent signings Lamar Odom and Matt Barnes add experience and grit to the team. They’ve been performing well even without injured players Grant Hill and Chauncey Billups.

Memphis Grizzlies
Two years back the Grizzlies made a Cinderella run in the playoffs. Twin towers Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph powered their way into the second round, beating title contenders and number one seed, the San Antonio Spurs, in the first round. Then they took an upstart Oklahoma City Thunder to seven intense games before losing. This was without star small forward Rudy Gay, arguably the best player on the team. Last year they got dumped out of the first round, although one could call it an aberration due to Randolph’s injury. This year everyone is healthy. Mike Conley has quietly become one of the best point guards in the league, and the Grizzlies have added shooter Wayne Ellington and back up point guard Jerryd Bayless to round out the team. How good are they? They are first in the NBA, having notched wins against the Heat, the Clippers and the Spurs in a two-week period.

New York Knicks
The Knicks were a borderline laughing stock until last year, when their team finally began to fit during Jeremy Lin’s amazing run with the team, dubbed as “Linsanity.” The Knicks let Lin go during the off season, bringing back an overweight Raymond Felton and an aging Jason Kidd in his place. This was widely derided as a terrible mistake. Except now it seems like it wasn’t. The Knicks are 10 and 4, with wins against the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat. Not only that, but they have changed the way they play. The ball moves around much more, and it has resulted in one of the most efficient offenses in the league. One can only wonder how Amare Stoudemire will fit in when he returns, but so far, the Knicks are looking to be legitimate contenders.

These three upstart teams have become dark horses in the hunt for this year’s championship trophy, promising to make this season one of the most entertaining in recent years.